Will we see Ingrid Coronado at La Academia 2024? This is all we know

Ingrid Coronado sounds strong to host the new season of La Academia.


A new season of The academy is about to arrive and, with it, the possibility of seeing Ingrid Coronado as the host again! Will this be possible?

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Will we see Ingrid Coronado at La Academia 2024? This is all we know



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As we informed you yesterday on TVyNovelasBenjamín Salinas Sada caused a sensation on social networks by confirming this news before the cameras of Windowing; He even revealed that the popular reality show will return to its origins, as many had already requested:

It comes with everything, it will be 100% 24 hours a day, locked up, they will not be able to leave for a single minute.“Like the first, we returned to the original format, I can’t tell you who is going, but it’s going to be incredible, we are negotiating,” said Carlos Salinas Pliego’s son after being questioned by Pati Chapoy.


Benjamín Salinas Sada was very careful and did not want to provide more details regarding the 2024 edition of The academy; however, Among his statements he missed a small clue which gave a lot to talk about among reality fans.

Since rumors began to brew about a new season of The academymany They were excited about the possibility that Ingrid Coronado would be the host of the reality showAnd it seems your requests They were heard… or at least that’s what Benjamín Salas suggested.

At the insistence of Pati Chapoy, who asked the executive for an exclusive, Benjamín had no choice but to give a small clue: “his last name starts with ‘C’”something that was enough to unleash a furor among Internet users.

Born on July 12, 1974, Ingrid Coronado He began his career in the world of entertainment at a very young age, standing out in acting and driving; at the moment. His passage through previous editions of The academywhere he swept away his charisma, they ended up consecrate it before the Mexican publicand that is why viewers ask to see it again so insistently.