William Valdés criticizes Lola Cortés but does not dare to name her and she is doing worse

The unfortunate participation of Paco de Miguel in ‘La Academia’ provoked an uncomfortable reaction from Lola Cortés, who ignored him while delivering the TIkTok OMG awards to the reality students.

William Valdés accompanied the tiktoker famous for his female characters on stage, so he witnessed Lola’s rudeness.

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Later, the presenter vented on his Twitter account. The Cuban wrote:

“It’s one thing if you don’t like jokes, it’s one thing if they’re over the top. But hosting an event and ignoring what your peers are doing on stage is rude. Period. Whatever career you have. With everything they say is right.

However, William fared worse with the comments of his followers, as they criticized that he did not dare to love Lola or mention her name. In addition, they also criticized that he does not know how to write.

Some more even reminded him that he has been rude on the “Venga la alegría” program the many times he has been bothered live.