Williams School: child abuse, child death and bots trying to defend them

The Mixcoac campus of the Williams School is involved in controversy because a 6-year-old boy died inside its facilities by drowning in the pool, without giving further explanations to his parents, who demand justice.

Justice was also demanded a few years ago, when in September 2017 the parents of a 3-year-old girl named Tefany filed a complaint with the Central Prosecutor’s Office for the Investigation of Sexual Crimes of the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office.

The psychomotricity teacher, Abraham Delgado, was arrested for committing sexual abuse against the minor in the campus bathrooms. The media cited at that time that the Williams School minimized the complaint, but street demonstrations and on social networks pressed for the investigation to move forward.

However, it took four years and four months for justice to arrive. The professor was sentenced to 9 years and 7 months in prison, in addition to his registration in the Public Registry of Sexual Offenders of Mexico City. The Prosecutor’s Office detailed that the professor should pay compensation for the damage, in addition to the fact that he was suspended from the exercise of his profession for a term equal to the sentence and prohibited from approaching or communicating with the victim.

Now they seek justice for Abner.

This November 7, 2022, the Via Crucis began for a family whose 6-year-old boy died in the school pool. The Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City initiated an investigation folder for the crime of manslaughter for other causes.

Great indignation has caused the death of the little one. His parents demand justice for the omission of the institution. “The school never contacted us,” said the minor’s father, who also assured the press: “It can’t be a normal day, motherfuckers,” seeing that there were classes as if nothing had happened.

In a video broadcast on social networks, you can hear the heartbreaking cry for justice in the face of the child’s death. “Let them show their faces! They killed Abner in the swim, they suffocated him.”

“My son arrived at half past seven, as always, he went in… we said goodbye at the entrance, he didn’t want to swim,” the father narrates in another video. However, hours later they told him that something had happened, but they did not give more information. “They told us about the school that my son had had a mishap in the pool, they did not give us more information, we asked for information, but they told us ‘we are going to transfer him'”. The boy died before paramedics could treat him.

Bots try to protect the school.

On social networks, while some exclaimed justice for the child, there were several accounts that published the same message about supposedly having a child enrolled in Williams School and never having had any problems.

It was evident that it was a campaign of paid accounts to broadcast the same message, although nobody knows who would have been the intellectual author.

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