Windows adds artificial intelligence to the Bing search engine to generate images with text

Image Builder in Bing (Microsoft)

microsoft has started a process of integrating artificial intelligence DALL-E to the seeker bing, so that users can generate images in case the regular search does not produce the expected results.

The artificial intelligence of Open AIa developer company with which Microsoft is collaborating directly, has added to DALL-E to the new tool Image Creator from Microsoft Bing (Image Creator) which will work the same way artificial intelligence normally does: generate images from user descriptions.

During the surface event Microsoft, it was indicated that this use will not be available worldwide (at least not yet) and that it will only be enabled for some markets of the company as a trial versionao preview.

Microsoft seeks to integrate DALL-E in the Bing search engine to generate images based on text (Microsoft)
Microsoft seeks to integrate DALL-E in the Bing search engine to generate images based on text (Microsoft)

Although this tool will have the possibility of presenting results based on text description, it is necessary to apply filters to prevent misuse of this technology by malicious users. That is why currently, it is trying to generate limitations of violent content either inappropriate that may result from interaction of people with the smart tool.

More uses for DALL-E in Microsoft tools

In addition to integrating the artificial intelligence of Open AI to the Bing search engine, Microsoft is developing another tool in which DALL-E will also be involved in the generation of images based on text: the application of Microsoft Designer.

Microsoft Design Tool uses DALL-E to generate custom images (Microsoft)
Microsoft Design Tool uses DALL-E to generate custom images (Microsoft)

As explained microsoft in a post on his Web pagethis tool will serve as a new way to design graphic elements like publications on social networks, cards, banners, flyers, etc., starting from scratch without the need for a default template to add to text and images.

Designer allows users to start with an idea and artificial intelligence do the heavy lifting (…) You can describe what you want to see and the application creates something unique”, is indicated in the statement, which also highlights that all the work done by the tool will be 100% scaled to the ideal dimensions of the material graph to be produced.

Also, if the result is not convincing in the first place, users will always have the possibility to add new elements, which will be introduced as editable shapes to which you can add one more layer of personalization.

Microsoft Designer
Microsoft Designer

Like the integration of DALL-E to the seeker of bingthe tool Microsoft Designer could be integrated into Microsoft Edge, so that visual suggestions can be generated without leaving the browser window.

However, the tool itself continues to development phase and no release date has been announced, though people interested in trying it out can sign up for a trial phase in the future.

To access the registry, users must enter the web of and enter your email to be part of the waiting list. Once the trial version is available, microsoft will send a message with instructions on how to use the tool.


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