Windows and Xbox enable Apple Music, Apple TV and iCloud services

Microsoft announced through a statement that Apple services, such as Apple Music, and Apple TV, in addition to iCloud, can be used in the new version of its operating system, Windows 11. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo ( GIVEN RUVIC/)

the technology company microsoft announced through a statement that the services of ManzanaWhat Apple Music, Apple TV Y iCloud can be used in the new version of your operating system, Windows 11.

According to the company, offering these services in its platform for users of Windows it is a step forward to “remove barriers and make it easier to connect between other platforms and devices.” In addition, the communication microsoft also indicates that you will be able to access the services of Manzana from the console Xbox.

To be able to share data through the applications of iCloud Y Photos from Apple, the only thing users of Apple products will need microsoftit will install the application, which is already available in the Microsoft Store on all devices that have updated the operating system to Windows 11.

iCloud app for Windows 11 (Screenshot)
iCloud app for Windows 11 (Screenshot)

In the case of Xboxthe application of apple tv is already available on consoles, just like the one from Apple Music. Both, according to the company, will reach the devices of Windows starting next year, 2023, although previews of these platforms can be seen on the Microsoft Store in the last months or weeks of this year.

“Integrations like this are just one way to do Windows more available to more people with the experiences they love across any device,” Windows said in its statement.

iCloud app for Windows 11 (Windows)
iCloud app for Windows 11 (Windows)

Meta Devices on Xbox

In addition to the integration of Apple applications to Windows and Xbox, Microsoft and Meta have entered into a collaboration whereby their games, designed for the devices goal quest 2 Y Meta Quest Proare also available on the company’s gaming platform on its gaming services such as Xbox Cloud Gaming and Xbox Game Pass.

This time it was Meta the company in charge of making the announcement through a post on the Oculus blog and, from now on, they commented, “all gamers will be able to enjoy their favorite games on devices compatible with the Meta Quest Store”.

In addition, as indicated in the event Goal Connect 2022the games current of Xbox CloudGaming they will not need to adapt to virtual reality so that users can play them, since the devices of Goal they will function as a common screen in these cases.

Play Xbox Cloud Pass with Meta Quest 2 and Pro. (Photo: Microsoft Blog)
Play Xbox Cloud Pass with Meta Quest 2 and Pro. (Photo: Microsoft Blog)

However, this announcement was not accompanied by an official date of launch of this service integration. The CEO of microsoftSatya Nadella commented that the beta version of Xbox CloudGaming soon it will arrive at the store goal quest, but did not elaborate on a future release date. Mention was only made that Microsoft hopes to “share much more as soon as possible.”

What is known about the collaboration plans between the two technology companies is that both are interested in their platforms Horizon Workrooms (Meta) Y Teams (Microsoft) are compatible and users can use both at the same time.

This means that in the future, Meta users will be able to use their avatars in Teams using Quest devices or host virtual Meta meetings in Teams with the Horizon Workroom platform.

“We believe that this experience between devices and screens will be the foundation of the virtual office of the future,” said Mark Zuckerberg during Connect 2022.


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