With an open heart: Danna Paola, Mau and Ricky Montaner talk about love, breakups and disappointments

The race of Danna Paola –With more than 20 years of experience – had a greater boom after playing Lucrecia on Elite, the most successful Spanish series of Netflix followed by The Money Heist. His great love for music surpasses any leading role, which is demonstrated by abandoning the successful Spanish series to bet again on his role as a singer.

His most recent album, KO., managed to position herself in the global music charts, becoming the first Mexican soloist to enter the charts. Spotify Top Ten Global. And also, it led her to be nominated for an award Grammy. It could be said that today she is the most successful artist in Mexico today.

Danna vehemently expressed that she was determined to prove herself as a singer. Giving up the idea of ​​being an actress seems to still be valid, although it has been done temporarily. Meanwhile, hopefully, his fans are waiting for him to return to Elite. But … “No,” emphasizes the singer. Although a sixth season has been confirmed, I am focused on my music, and this industry deserves time and heart. I am in a very full moment with my music. I want to act again, but for now, no. “

From “Notoriety” to collaborate on songs like “Santeria”, with Indigo lola and Denisse Rosenthal, Paola became one of the artists who created the most music during the pandemic. To his 2020 repertoire he adds “Don’t Go”, with Isabel Merced, and “Don’t dance alone”, with Sebastian Yatra. All this after several successful releases that marked his musical career as part of his new stage. #WelcomeToTheNewMe.

But his musical activities do not stop there. To this important line it is necessary to add to his repertoire –to close this 2021 with a flourish– a phenomenal collaboration with the duet. Montaner, Mau and Ricky, and the theme “A bit”. The duo are nominated for a Latin Grammy for Record of the Year for their collaboration on the hit single. “Amen”, together with his father, Ricardo Montaner, his brother-in-law Camilo, and his sister, Eva Luna.

The Montaner family recently wrapped up a successful sold-out tour in Argentina. They will return to the country on February 11 of next year for their presentation at the Luna Park. The Montaner brothers have created a very particular reggaeton / pop style where lyrical compositions have their own stamp. “I composed this song in a process of mental blockage of not knowing what to say after having composed so many heartbreak songs,” confesses Danna Paola, who sought out her friends to give the song that touch that was missing.

With more than 3 million views in less than five days, “Cachito” has had an impressive evolution. Designed with organic samples, it seems that its purpose had a slightly personal background: it is, literally, a song of spite, about how to live a duel after a breakup. “It’s a personal experience having this fear of missing someone, feeling dependent on and not wanting to get away,” says Danna.

Mau and Ricky’s journey

The Montaner brothers have collaborated with artists of the stature of Carlos Vives, Becky G, Maria Becerra, Manuel Turizo, Karol G and Sebastian Yatra, among others. They have projected freehand a trajectory as a duo, regardless of the inherited surname. In the beginning, they tried tropical and pop fusions, however, as time passed, they had to reinvent themselves and try other genres.

With “Unknown”, “Fresh” and “Potato”, they gave themselves the opportunity to climb. Today, they are among the strongest of the genre. And now they have the chance to continue trying their success with “Cachito”, collaborating with Danna Paola. “Although it may have happened before, I love that it happens at the time that we are living with Ricky in our career. This is a song that fits perfectly into what he and I want to represent, ”says Mau.

Mau and Ricky with Danna Paola, in their new production (Photo: Instagram / @ los40spain)

“Cachito” is one of those songs that can delve into the concept of having a broken heart, understanding that the person will no longer be present, something that we have all been through. Danna, same as Taylor Swift, these love disappointments have served as inspiration for success, since they have vent their sorrows in lyrics of songs that have triumphed on the charts. Or as Danna herself says: the most drastic thing she has ever done in such a painful instance was “write an entire album and put it out.” Ricky finds another formula: “I, for my part, have driven crying out of spite, like at two in the morning, and coming back with tears.”

Confessions of broken hearts

The drinks have also been guilty of experiences that this trio of friends have wanted to forget. Danna has been represented by calling the person she shouldn’t have called or even uploading stories to the networks that she should never have uploaded …. “Also being somewhere with drinks on top and messing with a person you shouldn’t have,” says Mau Montaner. Danna ends with a smile: “I did something terrible once, it’s true. I will write it some day ”.

But within the artistic concept, Mau mentions that when he is with a broken heart or drinks too many, he looks for music: “I listen to an album by JP Saxe that, for me, he is one of the best composers out there, and how he says things is something that touches my heart “. Danna differs: “I am Adele, 100%”.

But beyond the different methods to face heartbreak, the three are united by music. And the galloping of the heart, either whole or in pieces.

Interview: Mónica Mendoza


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