With augmented reality you can see how a tattoo will look before doing it

Augmented reality application shows how a tattoo will look before doing it. (InkHunter)

The characteristic basic of the augmented reality is that it allows people to interact with objects or characters that are not physically present so there is no Contact real with them That’s why it’s technology can be used in different environments beyond the games and of the entertainment.

A application that uses the same concept of augmented reality allows users to users “try” different tattoos as a preview of how these would look on different parts of their bodies, as well as trying on different models to get an idea of ​​which one you’d like before starting the build process. tattooed with a specialist.

The platform calledInkHunter” uses this technology so that anyone has access not only to the possibility of trying on different tattoos before applying them in real life, but also has a diverse Gallery of designs from different artists so that they can be made by expert tattoo artists and provide more ideas to people who want to get one.

How to use Ink Hunter

The applicationwhich is available from Play Store Y app store to devices that have systems Android Y iOSuse the cell phone camera as a scanner to fix the location of a tattoo in a specific area.

That is why before starting with the scanning Users should make a mark with a pen or marker in the shape of two short parallel vertical lines and a transversal line in the area where you intend to locate the tattoo with augmented reality. Once the marks have been placed in the proper place, the users can open the application and choose some of the designs available in the gallery of the platform.

The designs They are not divided by category or by styles, but have been grouped by the name of the artists who created them. By clicking on one of them, you will have a broader view of the design, as well as others that were drawn by the same artist. Some of the designs are free, while others require you to watch an ad video to unlock.

Augmented reality application shows how a tattoo will look before doing it.  (InkHunter)
Augmented reality application shows how a tattoo will look before doing it. (Infobae)

Once the one to be tested has been chosen, people can press the “Test” button located at the bottom right of the page. picture. This will open the camera and the app will look for the mark on the user’s body to locate the design. The function of augmented reality will be active by default and you can take a picture of the final location and size of the tattoo to keep it in a Gallery internal.

When you have captured the picture desired, it can be edited using filters or modifying its opacity, size and transparency. In addition, the name of the person who created the design will appear at the bottom of the image so that it can be shared on social networks like instagram, Twitter Y Facebook in addition to other platforms or, failing that, store it in the memory of the cell phone.

In case people want to change designthe edit button, which appears at the bottom left of the screen also includes an option to change the type of tattoo What will be done.

In case none of the designs are to the user’s liking, they also have the option of My Tattoos, where they can upload Photos either images from the gallery of phone to use them as designs. This also includes a text feature where you enter a word or phrase that will be stylized by the app and used as tattoo in augmented reality.

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