With cake and memories, this is how they celebrate José José’s birthday

His daughter Marysol Sosa and her friend and former representative Laura Núñez led the act from her home, sharing with the Amigos de José José club via social networks and zoom.

The phrase was placed on the cake “Thank you truly for having loved so much.”

“We always feel his support, his love, his granddaughter already knows who her grandfather is, she has been able to listen to his music and Patricio (his other son) with all the Sosa resemblance that he has”, commented Marysol.

Fans from Mexico, Peru and Ecuador, among other countries, joined the interpretation of “Las Mañanitas” also carrying posters and drawings of the interpreter.

“Surely he is celebrating in heaven,” said Núñez for his part.

The transmission started with a video that recalled his television presentations in contests like the OTI or show programs, as well as being advertised by people like Raul Velasco and the comedian Mauricio Garcés.

“We predict that it will be one of the great voices of Mexico,” says Garcés, actor of “Modisto de ladies”, in a black and white video.

José Rómulo Sosa Ortiz, his full name, died in the US in September 2019, accounting for a career spanning five decades, during which time he popularized songs like “The sad one”, “If you leave me now”, “Almohada” and “Gavilán o dove”, adding more than 350 compositions recorded in the studio.

“How much legacy he left us, we enjoy it in an album, a song, an autograph signing,” recalled Núñez.

As part of the festivities, it was announced the result of a contest that consisted of the participants emulating the cover of their idol’s albums.

José Joel, son of the singer, was not present at the event, but he did cast his vote for the contest, which was won by Brenda Puente Pintor and her representation of Care, José José’s first studio album.