“With JNS we always feel in second place… or third”: Karla Díaz

The JNS members were the winners of the reality show “Who is the Mask?”, a result that came as a surprise to them.

“We really didn’t expect to win but it was something super important for us because getting first place helps us overcome this idea that we have always been second place,” explains Karla Díaz.

JNS (formerly Jeans) is a female vocal band founded in 1994 and is currently made up of Angie Taddei, Melissa López, Karla Díaz-Leal Arreguín and Regina Murguía.

The four were part of Who is the mask? with the character of Huacal, in which each member personified a fruit.

Karla Díaz was the pear, a character that left her especially satisfied.

“Throughout the program, many times we thought that they were going to eliminate us but then it turned out that the public or the jury saved us and then we realized that we could win, something that has almost never happened in our career: being number 1 “.

JNS was indeed one of the last pop groups of the nineties that exploded with the fashion of those years. And Karla remembers that this meant that they were always made less of.

“We came from a school of many years of insecurities because we were the little ones, we had the insecurities of being the second or the third place, never the first, they always told us ‘I win to close the show so’; we said: when are we going to to close a show?

Currently, JNS has gradually overcome those insecurities even with the help of the tour they currently do with the 90’s Pop Tour, which is a gathering of all those singers who made history in that decade.

“We have understood that sometimes we sabotage ourselves and put on these insecurities but you have to get the best of you; there is no ‘you can’t’. We can all do what we want.”

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