With New Photos From His “Face” Album, Jimin Drives ARMY Crazy

‘Hardware’ concept of BTS Jimin’s solo debut left the ARMY fandom breathless. K-pop star has rockstar aura and facial piercings in previews for “Face.”

The singer Jimin, a member of BTS, left his fans on the ground after releasing new previews of his album.

Continuing his debut promotional schedule, the k-pop star posted at midnight on March 10 (KST) the set photos of the promised hardware version of “Face.”

In the shots, the famous Korean projects the aura of a rockstar and shows off several piercings.

The ARMY fans, always aware of every step taken by their favorite stars, took to social networks with all kinds of reactions to the advance, but the common response is fascination for the image that Jimin shows in order to start his highly anticipated individual career. .

“Call the Police” was among the iconic phrases with which followers expressed the impact that the conceptual photos, the ‘hardware’ version, of “Face” had on them.

“Jimin is the most beautiful man on this planet” and “He is synonymous with perfection” were other recurring comments among the fandom, which is currently separating “Face” through the album’s official pre-sale.

When is “Face” released?
Mark the date on your calendar: Jimin’s solo album “Face” will be released on Friday, March 24. With its release, the Dior ambassador will become the fourth BTS member to make a solo debut, after Jin, J-Hope and RM.