With these 2 online tests you will be able to know what people think of me

Personality test. (photo: Psychotechnical Challenge)

Surely, many Infobae readers have ever wondered what others think about oneself. To put an end to this mystery, a user of Twitter has submitted a personality test that has the power to reveal data about one.

One person’s personality can be very different from another, but they all share common traits so one can be one personality type or another. Others have ways of qualifying other people, of defining and even judging, so if you want to know what others see in you, how they see you, it would be ideal to carry out this personality test.

This personality test is very educational and the way to discover these results is what captivated the users of the social networks. Well, according to the comments collected, the only thing that will have to be done is answer a maximum of 10 questions.

The reality is that what most of the people around you see does not always have to be what you really are, but it will be what they see from whoever takes the test. If you want to know what others see in you, it’s time to find out with this quiz (click on the link) and test everything you know about yourself.

Personality test.  (photo: I Like the Internet)
Personality test. (photo: I Like the Internet)

Another option to know what they think of oneself

This test will help to solve this doubt in a simple way and will reveal some interesting facts about you. You only need a paper and pencil and follow the instructions to the letter. Infobae recommends not looking at the results ahead of time.


Write 3 animal names in the following order:

– Favorite animal.

– The animal you would prefer to have as a pet.

– A second favorite animal, no matter if it is domestic or wild.

Once you have them, look at the following list of animals and write the corresponding characteristics next to the answers.

Personality test.  (photo: The 100)
Personality test. (photo: The 100)


– The third animal reflects how one sees oneself.

– The second animal shows how other people see oneself.

– The first animal tells who one really is.

Personality test.  (photo: SPORT)
Personality test. (photo: SPORT)

This is the complete list of the animals with which people identify the most:

– Cat. Independent, sexy, open-minded, nocturnal, leader and demanding.

– Bear. Deep thinker, protector, dreamer, guardian, calm.

– Bow. Self-confident, cheerful, funny, practical, versatile, clever and tricky.

– Dog. Loyal, humble, friendly, brave, protective, submissive, guardian.

– Mouse. Hardworking, reliable, modest, shy, simple.

– Rabbit. Humble, cunning, quick, nervous, silent.

Raccoon. Agile, responsible, suspicious, intelligent, nocturnal

– Elephant. Self-confident, peaceful, protective, persevering, stubborn.

– Lion. Strong, patient, protective, self-confident, calm, you value family.

– Fox. Agile, thinker, organized, cunning.

– Rooster. Talented, creative, eccentric, playful, artistic.

– Pork. Generous, trustworthy, honest, fair, tolerant, innocent, friendly.

– Cow. Sociable, adventurous, curious, kind, calm, protective, silent.

– Zebra. Loyal, intelligent, committed, idealistic, persevering, free, selfish.

– Tiger. Powerful, elegant, authoritative, active, enigmatic, unpredictable, lonely.

– Deer. Kind, compassionate, agile, simple, values ​​family.

– Sheep. Indecisive, kind, obedient, conservative, hard-working, calm.

– Panda. Affectionate, affectionate, playful, self-sufficient, dreamer.

– Penguin. Soft, open, enigmatic, skilful, simple.

– Owl. Intuitive, mysterious, free, observant, serene, spiritual.

– Giraffe. Self-confident, elegant, shy, charming.


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