With these tips you can choose the best computer when buying it


Every day, without exception, there are technological developments and innovations in most areas of said industry. These changes generate more users for the technology but also create new needs that force large companies to respond, and the cycle begins again.

Home appliances, mobile devices and many lifestyle products have to do with these transformations, but there is an article that is in almost every home in the world and that every day has better characteristics that generate immersive experiences.

This product is the television, many use them in the room to share with the family, others for companies and commercial establishments or, students and teachers have this ally for their classes.

For many years there has been talk of LCD, Plasma, UHD technologies, among others, but those are few compared to those that actually exist in the world. So much so that television users are perplexed in commercial establishments when they go to select one, since they usually look at the size and design.

So please note the following basic recommendations:

SSD: This feature is recommended as it refers to the most modern storage technology, it has reliability and speed characteristics when compared to traditional hard drives, resisting shocks and drops, and allowing the computer to start and load programs much faster.

Screen: Lor ideal is one with ultra-thin edges, to generate a more immersive experience and at the same time that the laptop is more compact. Also, you should check the resolution, it is recommended to be at least Full HD, which is the current standard.

“Today, you can find equipment with OLED technology screens, which have enormous benefits over traditional screens, such as more vivid and brighter colors, perfect blacks and high contrast level, and improved eye care technology that reduces the consequences. negatives from long-term exposure to screens, ”said Javier Concha, Marketing Manager for the Taiwanese brand of laptops ASUS.

Ports: Your computer should have enough ports for the peripherals you typically use. Important that it has a USB-C port, which is very versatile, but it usually needs adapters for its use; But remember that not all USB-C ports are the same, they can have different speeds and some support other technologies, such as Thunderbolt 3 or Thunderbolt 4, or connection to displays through the DisplayPort standard.

Portability: The weight of the equipment must be considered, it is recommended that a 14 ″ computer weigh no more than 1.4Kg and a 15 ″ computer weigh no more than 1.8Kg, although generally more powerful computers are sometimes larger and heavier to give more space to the cooling system.

“There are exceptions like Asus’ ROG Flow X13 and ROG Zephyrus G14, which are lightweight despite being very powerful. So, take into account the battery life and if it is, it has fast charging technology. In terms of resistance, there are teams that have military grade certification, which shows a higher level of reliability in extreme environmental situations or a life in constant movement ”, explained the expert.

Finally, keep in mind that connectivity. “It is ideal for the equipment to have Wifi 6 as it will deliver adequate speed and stability when downloading large files. Also, take into account the number of ports available to connect a mouse, a digitizing tablet, monitors or other peripherals used during the creative process ”.


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