With this application you can have more than 15 extra functions in Telegram

Nekogram X application for Telegram. (photo: Google Play)

Despite WhatsApp is still the most popular instant messaging platform today, more and more users use Telegram as your primary messaging app, which makes the app from Goal becomes the second option for many people. Telegram is more than an instant messaging application, as it is classified as a social network in which you can communicate with your friends and family through chats, as well as you can also interact through private groups, explore the topics that most They interest you through your channels and even automate all kinds of actions through your account.

Therefore, if you are one of the faithful users of the platform created by the Durov brothers, You must know the application that we bring you from Infobae called Nekogram X, it will change for the better the way Telegram uses it.

Nekogram X, an alternative Telegram application that you must try

Nekogram X is an open source alternative to the official Telegram application in Android which includes many really cool extras, which we will explain below.

To access all the extra functions that Nekogram X has to offer, you will have to go to the menu button located in the upper left corner (≡), click on the option Setting and once inside, click Neko Configuration, which will be divided into four sections: general, account, chat and experimental.

Nekogram X home and options for Telegram.  (photo: Andro4all)
Nekogram X home and options for Telegram. (photo: Andro4all)

Set apart from general in Nekogram x

One of the main extras that comes with this third-party Telegram app is a built-in translator, which you can configure by going to the Translate section located in the General section.

From this section you can choose a translation provider, with the possibility to choose between several alternatives where Google translate, Microsoft translate or DeepL Translate, and the source and recipient languages are some of the options that will appear.

From this same section you can also customize the appearance of Nekogram X, which has a design that looks a lot like the official application, with many options such as:

– Make the status bar transparent

– Disable title bar shadows

– Decorate the title bar according to the time of year

– Activate tablet mode so that it is activated automatically when the application is opened on these types of devices.

Stock image of the logo of the social messaging network Telegram.  EFE / EPA / IAN LANGSDON
Stock image of the logo of the social messaging network Telegram. EFE / EPA / IAN LANGSDON (IAN LANGSDON /)

Set apart from Chats in Nekogram X

Most of the additional functionality of Nekogram X can be found in the Chats section, where you can:

– Change the size of the label.

– Enable the unread message counter in the button on the back of the application.

– Ignore the messages of users who have blocked to write in the groups in which it is added.

– Ignore unread silent counter in folder tab.

– Hide the keyboard when scrolling through the chat.

– Make the confirmation of an open link not appear.

In addition, at the end of this section you will find a section that will allow you to enable the option to show the available folders when forwarding messages, hide the “All chats” tab and choose the way you want for each folder: title only, emoji only, or emoji with title.

In this sense, one of the functions that Nekogram X includes by default is the possibility to mark as read all conversations in a particular folder. This can be done by simply holding down the title of the tab or emoji and selecting the respective option.

FILE PHOTO: Telegram logo.  REUTERS / Thomas White / File Photo
FILE PHOTO: Telegram logo. REUTERS / Thomas White / File Photo (Thomas White /)

Set apart from Experimental in Nekogram X

Finally, in the Experimental section, you will find a bunch of features which are still in beta. The available options you can try are as follows:

– You can enable features like unlimited pinned chats.

– Have unlimited favorite stickers.

– Preview media in dialog view.

– Increase the quality of voice messages.

Nekogram X application for Telegram.  (photo: Google Play)
Nekogram X application for Telegram. (photo: Google Play)


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