With this pedal, streamers will be able to switch cameras and apply effects to transmissions without using their hands

File photo. | Credit: Elgato

The work of content creators intensifies more and more in the sense that audiences ask for more elaborate content, in the case of streamers or influencers, they need the greatest possible efficiency when producing their videos or transmissions, for this , many companies bring to the market tools such as cameras, tripods, software, among others; however, some decide to go further and present true innovations, as is the case with a pedal that will save you precious seconds when applying effects or transitions.

The Elgato company has been developing devices and equipment for content creators for a decade, in the case of streamers, many times they cannot take their hands off the keyboard and mouse, which is why the company has launched the ‘Stream Deck Pedal’, a device that features three customizable pedals to set functions while keeping your hands free.

According to the company, people can manage applications such as Twitch or YouTube to switch cameras, activate or deactivate microphone, press to talk, make a transition with OBS stealthily, among other actions without having to use their hands.

Elgato has software with more than 100 plug-ins for applications to find compatibility with said device. The number of functions available will depend on the creativity and the need of the streamers with respect to their content, because as the company explains, it is not only suitable for live broadcasts but also for some editing software.

The three pedals of the equipment are fully customizable, that is, in addition to being able to assign any type of function, users can choose and configure the hardness or the level of response that these will have, so it is up to the users to choose if they prefer a softer touch or if you prefer to press harder to activate a certain function. Similarly, another strong point is the ability to save profiles for each app, this means that if a person has set up three features for you on Discord and immediately switches to another app like OBS, the pedal will switch immediately to have the features you have configured for the new platform.

It doesn’t just work for streamers, but according to Elgato, musicians will also find the device useful by letting you apply effects immediately without the need to pause or use your hands.

The smart pedal has a USB-C cable connection to connect to the computer. The device can be found for a price of 90 dollars, although it is currently out of stock.

Another interesting product brought by the same company is the Stream Deck itself, a set of 15 LCD keys that can be fully customized to facilitate many editing functions, with the advantage that each button is a small screen so not only functions can be customized, but the icons that appear on them.

The Stream Deck finds its utility in immediacy, as content creators can customize emojis or reactions that they can activate in their transmissions with the press of a button.

Although it may seem that they are not very useful devices, Elgato has gained great recognition in the market precisely because streamers appreciate the immediacy and speed of its products.


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