Without a fixed goal, Telethon 2021 starts

This year they are 25 years of Telethon And as every December the special program that seeks to raise more funds for the foundation began with the conduction of Marco Antonio Regil, Mariano Osorio, Claudia Lizaldi, Yordi Rosado, Galilea Montijo and many more.

On point of At 8:00 the Telethon 2021 began on television under the leadership of Regil, who from the first minute He asked with tears in his eyes for the support and donation of the Mexican public to support these causes that will benefit patients with disabilities.

“It is a complex year, but the love and support of Mexicans will make this year a successful year just as all previous ones have been, and they have made this soil that we started 25 years ago continue to help more and more children.”

For his part Fernando Landeros, President of Telethon Foundation, In his welcome speech, he detailed how complicated the pandemic has been for them. This is the second year that the Telethon has been broadcast during the Covid period.

“We are facing another difficult year, Covid and accumulated fatigue, it has been a long road. If before it was difficult for people with disabilities to find employment, now it is more, if before they lived in poverty, today they lost their livelihood, many things have changed in these months which will not change in our commitment, “said Landeros.

Fernando revealed that during this time of health crisis, the 300 children with Cancer who attend Telethon, none of them were infected with coronavirus and that throughout all these years there have been more than 600,000 children have benefited since the foundation was created.

“We are not going to set a goal this year, you will decide until when we are going to achieve. The Teletón children gave their center to take care of Covid patients, “he added.

Criticism rains down on Galilea Montijo, after controversy of alleged link with a drug trafficker

Despite the wave of scandals that lives Galilea Montijo for his alleged relationship with Arturo Beltrán Leyva, the popular host, arrived at the 25th edition of the Telethon.

With a more relaxed dress than the one you usually wear in the morning “Today”, Galilea began its participation in this special program asking people to donate and join forces to review sufficient funds.

“How good to start this day with strong children who despite the pain, overcome their problems because they with their example make us try harder and see that if they can, we should also be able to overcome the problems that face us, “he said.

The host also revealed that she feels a particular empathy towards this noble cause since in his family there have been members with some disability that has even led to their death.

“I donate for those who sadly passed away and had some kind of disability. I donate for my cousins ​​Rosita and Eli who died of cerebral palsy ”, he said.

Before the start of the Telethon, Galilea made a video transmission through the social networks of the Telethon and the criticism rained down on him, This is due to his alleged link with the drug trafficker Beltrán Leyva.

Among the comments they made can be read: “Galilea asks your drug lord for coperacha”; “Tell the truth whether you got real tears or not”; “Galilee outside, it is bad for him to be in Telethon”; were some of the comments.