“Without excuses”: Checo Pérez accepted adaptation problems in the Red Bull car

“Without excuses”: Checo Pérez accepted adaptation problems in the Red Bull car (Photo: REUTERS/Geert Vanden Wijngaert) (GEERT VANDEN WIJNGAERT/)

One of the most popular topics around Czech Perez in recent weeks is that of its low performance on board Red Bullwhich has been linked to a lack of compatibility with his car, as it has moved away from his driving style with the latest updates.

Along with this situation was added the different floor that they began to ride in the car of Perez and that, according to Christian Hornerhe would be reducing his times by less than a tenth of a second, both in qualifying and in the race, so the Mexican environment was filled with pessimism due to the way in which his championship chances ended.

Faced with this situation, Sergio was questioned in an interview with Inter.mxwhere Diego Mejia Y John Fossaroli They delved into their adaptation with the car and especially with the famous “set-up” in a weekend, where the best possible configuration of the car is made according to the conditions of the circuit and the driver.

Checo Perez's driving style is different from Verstappen's, so the orientation of the car was in the direction of the Dutchman's conditions (Photo: REUTERS/Christian Bruna)
Checo Perez’s driving style is different from Verstappen’s, so the orientation of the car was in the direction of the Dutchman’s conditions (Photo: REUTERS/Christian Bruna) (CHRISTIAN BRUNA/)

“In recent races, as the car has evolved, it has been moving away from me. Maybe I haven’t adapted so well to the new car, but it is something that is in me and that I am working very hard to return”, he expressed Czech Perez on September 22, with a phrase with which he made it clear that the updates did not favor his driving style.

“In the last grands prix I spend the weekend adapting or trying to adapt to the new car and that has complicated things a little more”

In this way, the man from Guadalajara explained that he is not comfortable with the single-seater and that the fact of looking for the best possible configuration every weekend has reduced him in the championship; nevertheless, denied that it is some kind of excuse and intoned a kind of mea culpaas he stated that he must work to resolve this situation.

“This is not something new in F1 either, it has happened many times (having a driver who is better suited to the car). It’s in me I’m not making any excuses at allOn the contrary, I am working more than ever. Anyone who knows me knows perfectly well that I am going to turn this around, as I have done every time things get difficult. I’m sure I’m going to close the year strong”, said the Red Bull Racing driver.

Checo Pérez with his race engineer, Hugh Bird, inside the Red Bull garage (Photo: REUTERS/Christian Bruna)
Checo Pérez with his race engineer, Hugh Bird, inside the Red Bull garage (Photo: REUTERS / Christian Bruna) (CHRISTIAN BRUNA /)

What are the differences between Checo Pérez’s car and Max Verstappen’s?

According to the words of his own Czech Perezyes there are different elements between the two cars, because although he specified that there are not many, he did make it clear that the ground of both are different and he announced that it will continue like this for the following races.

“There are small differences (with Max’s car), he is much more comfortable than I was at the beginning of the season”, affirmed the man from Guadalajara, who has found it difficult to exploit the maximum of a car that now has greater oversteer in the curves.

These words regarding the flat bottom of the car; however, for the comfort of Czech with his RB18 has moved away so much, a large part of the reasons went through the weight balance with which the car was made, which lost about 10 kilos since the start of the season.

It is speculated that with the modifications a greater weight has been left on the front axle, which produces greater oversteer in the curves, one of the effects that most favors the Dutchman’s driving style and that is now detrimental to Sergio.


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