Woman documents trip on subway without one of her shoes

They threw his shoe on the CDMX Metro tracks and he documents his journey for TikTok

The journey experienced by a user of the Mexico City Metro (CDMX) after her shoe was thrown on the tracks was documented and shared on TikTok, going viral.

And it is that, the capital Metro becomes a chaos during rush hour. Many times they send the empty convoys to stations of high demand, in order to empty out the influx of people a little.

However, when this happens it is common to see shoves or scratches, there are even people who lose personal items.

This is what happened to the user of Tiktok Miris Reyes, who suffered the adventures of traveling on the CDMX Metro, losing her shoe on the tracks and running the risk of being stepped on, before the crowd she found at the time that was recorded the fact.

The video on TikTok already has almost 2 million followers and it shows the moment when the girl travels on the Metro without shoes. The good thing about this is that she managed to grab her sock, but her other shoe went on the tracks.

In the midst of a crowd, the user walked up and down the stairs in complete fear that someone would step on her bare foot.

The sock by the way was black, like his shoes, which somewhat concealed the tragedy.