Woman fights with truck driver, throws stone and hits baby

The woman, who attacked the driver of a public transport unit and the rest of the passengers, was baptized as “Lady Truck”

The video of a woman who physically and verbally assaulted the driver of a public transport truck was broadcast on TikTok. With the altercation, she did not consider the consequences of her actions and hurt a baby.

Videos of everyday situations that occur in different spaces, such as public transport, abound on social networks. However, many of them reflect the level of intolerance that some users have.

This was demonstrated by a woman who refused to get out of the truck when asked to do so and, to get even, threw a stone at the window of the unit. The user @marianomedinaornelas shared the moment the woman was asked to get out of the truck. According to the driver, the passenger was verbally assaulting the crew.

Resisting, the woman began to yell high-sounding words at the driver and slapped her to prevent her from being cornered towards the exit door of the vehicle. Next, the rest of the crew began to tell her to get off her, although she ignored it.

“Don’t touch me, you’re not scratching my mother,” the woman yelled at the driver. Next, she lashed out at the man and told him, “Surely your mom abandoned you.” Given the situation, the woman addressed the passengers, to whom she expressed “I’m not going to get off.

And no man stands up for me, or anything.” One of the crew members commented “you started, ma’am”, to which the passenger replied “he lowered me here and it’s not lowered here” with an annoyed tone.

After a few seconds, “Lady Truck”, as TikTok users baptized her, descended from the unit. However, at the moment the truck started, the woman threw a stone at the window.

The passenger’s action scared the rest of the crew, as they could well have been injured. However, at the end of the video it is heard that someone says “he hit the baby”, referring to the fact that the stone injured a minor. So far, it is not known where the events occurred.

Likewise, it is unknown if the minor injury received medical attention. However, the video has already generated dozens of outrageous reactions on the social network.