Woman is rejected by her internet boyfriend because he used too many filters

It turns out that they met on the internet but the boy considered that he was using filters excessively.

With advancing technology, it is increasingly common to hear of couples who have met and fallen in love online, such as the case of a young woman who met her boyfriend through social networks, however, in the end the woman is rejected by her boyfriend and this is why.

As it happens in relationships over the internet, after a time of conversing virtually, it is time to meet in person.

However, it is well known that sometimes you can be disappointed and this is what happened to a young man who was rejected by his internet partner.

The story was told by the TikTok user who documented the disappointing moment she experienced, as she traveled to Washington DC to meet a man she met online.

But when he saw it, he immediately rejected it since its appearance was very different from what was shown on the networks since now there were no filters.

“Actually I am guilty for abusing the filters,” added the woman.

The protagonist of this story accepted that she used them too much, for which she was rejected, however, she also said that the same man paid her for the return flight, but she said that she was disappointed because she rejected her.