Woman tried to “fill the tank” of her Tesla and goes viral

  • Drivers videotape a woman with a Tesla at a gas station

Each Tesla car can travel close to 500 kilometers before its battery runs out, a fact that the protagonist of the viral video that we will share with you was unaware of, since she approached a gas station to “charge” her vehicle before the astonished gaze of the drivers in line, who did not hesitate to “help” her.

Having one of these units gives you several advantages, such as not paying registration tax, since it has zero CO2 emissions, they are very quiet and the company has a free charging network that allows you to make long trips without having to worry about run out of charge

Although the place where the hilarious scene occurred is unknown, it is clear that it is the United States, a country where this brand has sold thousands of cars, among which, one was purchased by a clueless young woman who was completely unaware of the operation of her vehicle and he was the victim of a cruel prank by a couple of witnesses.

As she struggled to find the gas outlet, a couple of guys yelled at her that it was an “electric car,” but she chose to ignore them, until one went to “help” her for a couple of minutes as her desperation grew.

After she couldn’t hold back her laughter, the boy finally told her that it couldn’t be charged with gasoline, that she had to connect it to the electric current, and that’s where the embarrassed girl chose to board the unit and leave.