Woman with the biggest lips in the world confesses that she suffers for love

Andrea will be present on the program called “The Bachelor” to find out if she finds what she is looking for in that space

Andrea Emilova Ivanova is a 25-year-old girl who hates looking like an ordinary woman, for which she has undergone 43 surgeries whose purpose is to change the appearance of her lips; however, the young woman suffers from her heart because she has not found her better half.

Andrea has spent more than 20,000 euros on the body modifications she has undergone, which have been on her face, specifically her lips and cheeks, in the latter she has injected four doses of hyaluronic acid and uses it every month on her lips to make sure she is the woman with the biggest lips in the world.

The young woman is proud of her appearance and affirms that she has hundreds of suitors, although unfortunately she has not found the love of her life, since among all those proposals -even marriage- no man has proven to be the right one. “I am an extravagant-looking woman and that seems strange to many men.”

She added: “Of course there are many men who like me but there are also many who don’t like me, they think I’m crazy and I’m weird. Many men write to me on social networks to offer me money, trips to their cities and it makes me happy that there are so many people interested in my company. “But I’ll still be happier to meet the love of my life, but I don’t know when that happens.”