Women defied Iran’s regime and participated in a sports competition without a headscarf

The president of the Iran Athletics Federation resigned this Sunday due to the participation of women who did not wear the mandatory headscarf in a sporting eventannounced an official medium.

Hashem siami left his post due to controversies linked to a drag race competition organized in Chiraz”, a large city in southern Iran, the agency said irna.

According to images broadcast in the Iranian media, some women participated in the test without wearing the veil.

This incident follows the entry into force in mid-April of a new police plan to tighten the control of wearing the veil by women, something mandatory from the Islamic Revolution of 1979.

The event in the city of Chiraz caused the resignation of the president of the Iranian Athletics Federation

The prosecutor of the Fars province, where Shiraz is located, announced on Sunday that he would summon the organizers of the event to receive “explanations”.

Siami declared to irna that her federation was not the organizer of the competition and that women who did not wear headscarves were not part of her body’s group of athletes.

In Chirazthe police had arrested several young women who had participated bareheaded in a skateboard event, as well as organizers, more than a year ago.

These last months, more and more women appear unveiled in public placesespecially after the start of the protest movement unleashed after the death, while she was detained, in September, of Mahsa Aminifor violation of the strict dress code.

At least four famous actresses were questioned by the authorities last week after appearing in public in Tehran without the mandatory headscarf.

Hundreds of restaurants, stores and even monuments They have been closed across the country for serving unveiled women.

“This place has been closed for not respecting Islamic behavior (the hijab) by court order,” reads a sign hanging on the door of numerous establishments.

At the same time, the Ministries of Education and Health they announced that theyor would allow them to attend universities or institutes to students who do not wear a veil.

This prohibition extends to public transport already museums or historical places.

Despite this, many women continue to go veilless on the streets of Tehran.

(With information from AFP and EFE)

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