Women in Afghanistan have no money to support their children because of the Taliban’s work ban

An Afghan woman in Kabul. (AP Photo/Ebrahim Noroozi, file) (Ebrahim Noroozi/)

Since the taliban returned to power in Afghanistanafter the withdrawal of US troops from their territory in 2021, they have increased measures to remove women from public life, prohibiting them from working freely and girls have been excluded from secondary schools and higher education.

Activist groups are sounding the alarm about deteriorating Women rights in Afghanistan.

International Amnesty has recently urged the international community to develop a robust and coordinated strategy to put pressure on the regime.

Amnesty said: “Women who peacefully protested against these oppressive rules have been threatened, arrested, detained, tortured and forcibly disappeared.”

The limitations on women being able to work have made life worse for them, because they cannot bring money to their homes, much less support their children.

Some depend on what their older children contribute financially, according to what Mrs. Anwariaa widow in Kabul who spoke to The Wall Street Journal, he lost his job and his son’s earnings amount to a dollar on a good day. But in the end, she always comes home empty-handed. His income is not even enough to buy firewood to heat the house, he said.

Three Afghan university students who fled their country.  REUTERS/Alexander Cornwell
Three Afghan university students who fled their country. REUTERS/Alexander Cornwell (ALEXANDER CORNWELL/)

Despite the fact that the Taliban recently assumed power, they repeated several times that the rights of women under their regime would be guaranteed, the fundamentalists have taken it upon themselves to gradually exclude them from society.

For women without male relatives it is almost impossible to earn a living due to work restrictions.

“If there was a man, it would be easier. I am alone with three daughters. Conditions for women are very harsh,” she told The Wall Street Journal a woman named Anisa, who lost her job. “There is nothing we can do. We are all at home.”

Restrictions placed on Afghan women “are exacerbating the crisis in Afghanistan,” said the non-governmental organization International Crisis Group.

The plethora of bans women have faced since the fall of Kabul on August 15, 2021 has caused “a sudden drop in international aid that will deeply hurt millions of Afghans,” the NGO said in a report.

In response to the severe restrictions, such as the suspension of secondary and university education classrooms or the prohibition to work in national and international NGOs, “many aid agencies have suspended their operations, generating fears of greater misery in the country,” highlight the writing.

Women protest against the restrictions imposed by the Taliban in Afghanistan.  (AP Photo)
Women protest against the restrictions imposed by the Taliban in Afghanistan. (AP Photo) (Uncredited/)

The rise to power of the fundamentalists on August 15, 2021 led to a deterioration in rights for womenwith restrictions ranging from covering the face to go out to go out, to be accompanied by a male relative to travel or the impossibility of studying or working in certain jobs.

The Afghan Economic Analyst Noorullah Azizi pointed to EFE that cuts in women’s rights cause donor countries to be forced to reduce their activities in the country, thus paving the way for the isolation of 50% of the Afghan population.

Disenfranchising women casts a shadow over humanitarian aid in the country, as many NGOs “had already withdrawn from Afghanistan, due to unemployment and distributing humanitarian aid to poor and very poor Afghans”, created major challenges on the ground , indicated Ebadullah Nasiriuniversity professor of economics.

Nasiri further recalled that “women who work in NGOs and government institutions not only support their families, but also act as a bridge for millions of other women to receive humanitarian aid and financial assistance.”

The economic affairs expert Iraj Faqiri concluded that the string of rights that women have lost after the fundamentalists came to power “will create more disasters in Afghanistan, because in the future half of the population will be deprived of education and will not participate in the development of Afghanistan.”

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