World James Bond Day: 5 Tech Gadgets Agent 007 Had First

James Bond invisible car (Screenshot)

Every year on October 5 is an important date for movie lovers and especially for the stories of james-bond agent 007, as it commemorates one more year of the premiere of his first film, “Dr. No”, in 1962 played by actor Sean Connery.

The gadgets that were continually used in the feature films in various situations to bail out the British spy are part of the appeal and, during their early years, especially before the 2000s, the uses they were given, as well as the forms they took They were curious.

However, with the advance of technologysome of the gadgets that appeared on screen and that the audience could only dream of having, are now part of people’s lives and can even be found in nearby stores or in common devices.

fingerprint reader

Thanks to a simple, but effective innovation of “Q”, a character within the world of James Bond in charge of developing his gadgets, the emblematic weapon of agent 007 known as Walther PPK/S added a fingerprint reader which means that the only person authorized to use it is the spy.

James Bond gun Walther PPK/S
James Bond gun Walther PPK/S (Capture)

This innovation already exists and is available in various forms and places, such as smartphones, laptops, doors and cars. As in the filmsthis feature increases the security level of a device or, in another case, of a place or environment.

Auto invisible

Although this is a difficult technology to implement as it appeared for the first time in the movie “Die Another Day” (2002), played by Pierce Brosnan, the truth is that the function of the Aston-Martin of agent 007 has been replicated in a certain way.

Thanks to an interconnected camera system between two cars located one in front of the other, the company Valeo has developed a technology that allows a car to “become invisible” on the dashboard of one of them because the camera located in the front of the first car transmits what it sees to the dashboard of the one behind it.

Valeo XtraVue invisible car
The Valeo XtraVue system makes the car in front of the driver “invisible”, although for this both have to be from the same manufacturer and be connected (Capture)

Thus, thanks to a system of computerthe screen of the second car can project the image of the car in front to know what is beyond the field of vision of the driver.

Remote control car

In the 1997 James Bond movie “Tomorrow Never Dies,” a real car was shown that could be driven remotely by means of a telephone High-end modified. Although this movie is not very old and takes the concept of a toy to apply it to a real car, today technology can do much more.

James Bond Remote Controlled Car (Screenshot)
James Bond Remote Controlled Car (Screenshot)

Drones are even, in some cases, considered as toys for children. Capable of flying and recording with a small camera what happens during their journey, these artifacts are also used to record filmscitizen surveillance, in addition to having military and aerospace uses.

In closer uses, Tesla, Elon Musk‘s company developed cars that have the ability to drive autonomously and it is only necessary to indicate a destination to activate the autopilot.

submarine car

In the 1977 film “The Spy Who Loved Me” starring Roger Moore, Agent 007 displayed a model car lotus esprit who had the ability to modify his appearance to become a submarine.

James Bond's Lotus Esprit could go from being a car to a submarine
James Bond’s Lotus Esprit could go from being a car to a submarine

Although the technology to create a car that fulfills a terrestrial and underwater function does not yet exist, Elon MuskCEO of Teslaindicated in 2019 that his company does have a design for a water car, but that he does not believe there is a market for such a product.

However, in September of this year he indicated that the model of the cyber truck that is being developed will have enough capacity to “be briefly used as a boat” and will be able to cross rivers and lakes, according to a tweet.

Cybertruck Updates
Elon Musk assures that the Cybertruck can be used to move on the water as a boat.

Smart watch

In the James Bond movies, agent 007 was not only seen wearing watches with different functions. Some had a built-in television, others included a cable that could be used as a chokehold weapon, even with a built-in choke function. laser to cut metal.

<a class=Apple Watch Ultra. (photo: Apple)” height=”611″ src=”” width=”1200″ />
Apple Watch Ultra. (photo: Apple)

Although we are far from integrating weapons into devices such as watches, current technology has managed to integrate functions of telephones, thermometers, electrocardiograms, GPS, compasses and computers into smartwatches either Apple Watch.


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