Worrying scenario in Portugal: Diogo Jota will not play the World Cup due to a “serious injury” and three other players are at risk

Portugal has lost Diogo Jota for the 2022 Qatar World Cup and has some players in doubt (Photo: REUTERS) (PEDRO NUNES/)

After he was stretchered off in stoppage time during the victory of the Liverpool by 1-0 before him Manchester City on the date 11 of the premier leagueit was confirmed that the Portuguese footballer Diogo Jota has been ruled out for world Qatar 2022 for a calf injury. It’s a sensible low on a Portugal national team which has raised many doubts.

The news was confirmed by his coach in the networksthe German manager Jurgen Kloppwho announced that Jota did not require surgery but announced that he would not be available to be called up for the next World Cup. “The first diagnosis was clear and it is very sad news for us. We have to look at (the well-being of the player), we always do it “said Klopp.

Diogo Jota have 25 years and is one of the most talented players of the new litter that integrates the Quinas Selection directed by Fernando Santoswho has already cited him 29 times –he scored 10 goals– and considered him as one of the variants in attack to accompany Cristiano Ronaldo in the world.

Diogo Jota suffered an injury in his last game with Liverpool and will miss the 2022 Qatar World Cup (Photo: REUTERS)
Diogo Jota suffered an injury in his last game with Liverpool and will miss the 2022 Qatar World Cup (Photo: REUTERS) (PHIL NOBLE/)

the of Jot It is not the only loss that has the Portuguese coach worried, since there are other members of his squad who have recently shown physical problems and are working against the clock to arrive in optimal conditions for the World Cup that starts next November 20.

One of the options in case it does not arrive could have been peter netwinger who plays in the wolverhampton, but it has been left directly out of the world due to an ankle injury that affected the lateral ligaments. “After further evaluation and specialist opinion, he is scheduled to undergo surgery. This means that, unfortunately, he will not be in the World Cup, ”said his club in a statement.

There are also two Portuguese players from paris st germain that they have in suspense Fernando Santos for the preparation of the list. One of them is Nuno Mendesleft side on the PSG of Leo Messiwho was injured in the duel played at the Stadium gives light against him benfica (1-1) on October 6 for the group stage of the UEFA champions league. I would come very close to qatar because he suffered a hamstring injury, although it would be a not so serious muscular issue. The medical part of him issued by the club assured that he will be inactive for between three and four weeks.

Danilo Pereira and Nuno Mendes, Portuguese PSG players, would arrive with just enough to play the World Cup (Photo: REUTERS)
Danilo Pereira and Nuno Mendes, Portuguese PSG players, would arrive with just enough to play the World Cup (Photo: REUTERS) (BENOIT TESSIER/)

The other Portuguese footballer who plays in the Parisian cast and has suffered physical problems is Daniel Pereiraa midfielder who has become accustomed to playing as a central defender both in the PSG as with Portugal, who was injured this weekend in the win against Olympique Marseille (1-0). He had to leave the field of play in the minute 25leaving his place to Nordi Mukiele. Also his ailment is in the hamstrings. “He was in quite a bit of pain, so he’s probably injured. However, it is too early to tell how long he will be out.”indicated Christopher Galtier.

And there’s a big headache for Fernando Santos: the recent injury of Pepeplayer of 39 years which was emblem of Portugal for many years and a fundamental piece in the conquest of the Euro 2016who has more competition in the position but is summoned by the DT to act as a reference in the locker room.

The former player of real Madridwho currently plays for the portosuffered last week left knee sprain during training and has affected the internal collateral ligament. Sergio Conceicaocoach of his team, confirmed the seriousness of the injury: “Unfortunately, he will be out for a few more weeks”. Although that position can be covered by players like Ruben Days either Joseph Fontein Portugal they are awaiting the recovery of one of their most representative men for the World Cup.


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