Would he bathe with his mother again? This is what Emilio Osorio said after Niurka’s controversial request

People did not imagine that Niurka and her son, Emilio, had such a close relationship.


The unique personality of Niurka Marcos, who has never hesitated to say what she thinks to anyone, has brought her into serious trouble and has caused her, on several occasions, to become a trend on social networks; Now, she is back at it with a recording where she tells a shocking secret about Emilio.

Niurka Marcos He once again put himself in the “eye of the hurricane” after a video was retaken in which he revealed that, When Emilio was a child, he bathed with her until he was nine years old and he no longer wanted to do so.; Not happy with it, she expressed her desire to bathe with him again to see “how much he had grown.”

Criticism has dogged Niurka since then, since the video in which she made this shocking confession dates back to the end of last year. Many called the vedette “ordinary” and expressed their concern about the statements; however, Emilio He took it in a better mood. What did Emilio Osorio say about these explosive statements?


For the media, it was irresistible to ask Emilio Osorio What did he think of his mother’s scandalous request? Would he bathe with her again just to satisfy her request? The son of Niurka and Juan Osorio took everything in the best way.

It was before the microphones of the program “De Primera Mano” that Emilio Osorio opened his heart and, laughing, assured that His mother always made comments like that, because it was part of her acidic personality:

“My mother It will always be like this and it will never change and that is what makes us love it the most.…Always, even more so if he puts me in the tub,” Emilio Osorio said in a good mood.