“Would they have given her to me dead?”; Laura Zapata reveals the ordeal of her grandmother Eva Mange

A year ago, the actress Laura Zapata he thought he would celebrate a happy birthday from his grandmother Eva Mange. Instead, what she experienced that day was the beginning of an ordeal in order to save the life of Dona Eva, also a grandmother of Thalia and that is now 104 years old.

“I was going to the 103rd birthday of Eva mange (but) that night, the first of many that I did not sleep, I implored God to show me the way, to enlighten me, to tell me what to do and how to proceed. I had been confirmed, my grandmother had seven wounds on her body. This is where it all started, ”Zapata wrote this morning on his Twitter account.

Sure enough, last year Laura Zapata He was able to allow him to visit his grandmother in the nursing home where he lives, which he had not been able to do due to the restrictions of the Covid pandemic.

The actress, seeing the state of her grandmother, denounced that Eva mange She had 9 bedsores (infectious processes that cause necrosis of the skin), which had been hidden from Zapata during the entire time she had not been able to visit her.

“Here my ordeal began, here began the year that has been one of the most difficult, painful, distressing, unfortunate years, full of misfortune for my grandmother’s life and for my life. The beginning of the end. Face human evil, misery, lies, deception “, he writes Shoe referring to the obstacles he faced in seeking justice for his grandmother.

Laura had to confine herself with her grandmother in the asylum to comply with the Covid protocol that would allow her to get out of there. During that time, he denounced mistreatment and bad practices inside the asylum on the part of the caregivers.

Now as I look back on those days Shoe says that it was providential that she decided to visit her grandmother on her birthday, because otherwise the nursing home would have continued to hide the seriousness of her injuries. Mange.

“Wouldn’t they have told me anything and expected me to die, would they have assured me that Covid gave him and that as it became customary I couldn’t see it, they would have handed it over to me in an incinerated box? So I wonder what is the surveillance that Grand offers 24×7 in its advertising? ”, Wrote the actress, who is now preparing to celebrate her grandmother’s 104th birthday.

“She’s happy, they want a birthday cake with yellow flowers,” he said. Zapata.