Xalapa Sculpture Garden celebrates its 24th anniversary

The Garden of Sculptures in Xalapa, Veracruz, was inaugurated on November 23, 1998.

The Xalapa Sculpture Garden celebrates the 24th anniversary of its founding with the inauguration of two emblematic exhibitions: Nuevos Aires, a collection of the X International Textile Art Biennial of the World Textile Art Organization and Piedra de Río: Memorial, a recent work by the artist Ryuichi Yahagi.

Rodolfo Salmerón, Director of the Garden of Sculptures, said that the Nuevos Aires exhibition, which is part of the collection of the X International Biennial of Textile Art of the World Textile Art Organization, in which countries such as Spain, Korea, Turkey, Colombia participate and Chile.

“In this exhibition, 52 artists from different parts of the country participate, and some guests from other countries. This biennial turns 25, and we will be celebrating both the anniversary of the Garden and the Biennial”.

He pointed out that on this occasion, instead of being a single host country, a network of 23 international exhibitions was generated, “Mexico participates with the Garden of Sculptures, and there will also be simultaneous exhibitions in Spain, Korea, Turkey, Colombia, the United States , Chile, where the biennial has ever been held”.

The second exhibition is River Stone: Memorial, a recent work by the artist Ryuichi Yahagi, one of the founding sculptors of the Garden, and this exhibition pays homage to the founding piece, which in 1998 was planted in the cultural venue.

This installation is made up of 24 small-format river stones, intervened with copper wire, and revolves around the research work that Ryuichi carries out around this type of stone, interaction with space and nature.