Xavier López, ‘Chabelo’, actor and comedian, died

The actor Xavier Lopez, who is known for his character Chabelo, died. Driver marked an entire era in television, since for more than 40 years accompanied the Mexicans every Sunday morning with the program In family with Chabelo.

Xavier López was born in Chicago, Illinois on February 17, 1935 although his parents are from León, Guanajuato. At the age of one year, him together with his dads returned to their state of origin, where they lived his first eight years to later move to Mexico City.

During his youth, Xavier López decided to study medicine Meanwhile, he began to get involved in the world of television, which later led him to abandon to devote himself fully to acting.

The story behind Chabelo

With the years, Xavier López met Ramiro Gamboabetter known as the Uncle Gamboin, who at that time was the owner of the program music carousel.

He Uncle Gamboin gave him the opportunity to participate in the program in which he had a joke that was carried out by a character named Chabeloname that Xavier López adopted.

xavier lopez began to gain fame with the character of Chabelo with whom he participated in films as jokeland, the bonus production starring Cantinflas, The spoiled servant and The untimely noticeamong other.

However, won the affection of the public especially children, when on November 26, 1967 first aired In family with Chabelo, a family-friendly show that has aired on Sunday mornings for over 40 years. In this, Chabelo held contests in which the participants could win through the Cataphyxiates prizes such as furniture, appliances, toys or cash.

After 48 years on the air, In family with Chabelo It had its last broadcast on December 20, 2015.