Xavier Ortiz’s son risks his life to see his father again

Two years after Xavier Ortiz decided to escape through the false door, his widow, Carisa de León, organized a mass in his honor in Guadalajara, Jalisco, to which TVyNovelas was invited. She called attention to the fact that Xavi, the son they both fathered, was not present. At the end of the celebration we talked with her, and she made a tremendous statement: the little boy has put her life in danger a couple of times during the last year. She gave us the details.

We are with you… Thank you very much. It was a very emotional Mass. The Father always talks about mercy, forgiveness and not judging, and I think that’s what has cost me the most: judging Xavier, because when someone leaves you that way, it’s very difficult…

Why wasn’t Xavi, your son, there? He didn’t want to come; she put on her pajamas and went to sleep. It has also been difficult for him… From the first day she knows what happened to his father; That was what the specialist recommended. Sure, other words were used for him to understand. So we always respect the decisions he wants to make.

He’s fine? He had a situation at school where he put his life in danger; Fortunately, he didn’t suffer and he didn’t even have a scratch.

It was an accident? No, he was aware. For that reason the school conditioned us and we are working on it. In my prayers I always ask Xavier to take care of him when I’m not around, and I’m so glad he did. The school principal was very scared and he told me: “I can’t believe that, despite the way he fell, nothing happened to him.”

Did you talk to him to find out why he did it? Yes, I questioned him and he said: “I want to see my dad, how do you want me to do it”, and I understand. This happened last year, in the last days of school before Christmas. Both that date and Father’s Day are very, very difficult dates for him.

Do we understand well? Has your child done it several times? Yes, a couple of times. And I would not like to give more details. Today is much better. I am the one who felt very tired. Now yes, the body gave what it had to give; I lost 30 kilos, starting there. I have also had panic attacks, nightmares and a lot of anxiety.

So you already dropped the twenty? Like already. It took me two years to realize what was happening. Also, I feel lonely: I think I will never find someone who can surpass Xavier. And if I were to have it, I would be very afraid of the same thing happening again. do

Do you already have more clarity about why Xavier made that decision? No, because there is no answer. It’s a mystery how people come to that conclusion. The most basic instinct one has is survival; jumping it is inexplicable. I don’t know why it came to that, I can’t understand it, but I do respect it.


Is there a trust for your child? If it exists, I don’t know about it. I have had many other pending that were much more urgent, that is, between life and money. I believe that life and mental health come first.

Who supports you financially? Fortunately, I am a very professionally prepared person; I come from a family that has the means to solve anything. We do not need to ask for alms or charity. In addition, my two older children already work, and both contribute to the house. They are the ones who have been pillars to take care of Xavi, to accompany him, take him, bring him, pay for many things that he needs. Apart from them, my parents; I am never alone.

What would you say to those people who branded you as the bad guy in the story? Anyone will understand: Xavier was not at his best, that was his perception, and it is valid. But just because it’s your perception doesn’t mean it’s the truth. I didn’t like the ending it had, but you also have to respect it and accept it, because it’s his life and it’s his right.

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