Xbox Game Pass Ultimate can now be shared with up to 4 people

Xbox game pass, now it will be available for 4 people at the same time

No longer just a rumor on the internet and has become a reality, Microsoft is considering the idea of ​​expanding the subscription plans for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate so that up to 4 people can connect to the same account. Por is now in the testing phase and the company has selected one country in South America and one in Europe for this purpose.

As for these countries, from this week the users of Xbox Insider who reside in Colombia and Ireland They will be able to change their subscription for one that allows them to share the account with up to 4 other people, who do not necessarily have to be insider members, the only condition is that the beneficiaries have to live in the same country as the creditor.

However, to access this new option it is not enough to just change your subscription, but rather must be a member of the Xbox Insider Program in one of the countries mentioned, so if you don’t already have an account, you can download the Xbox Insider Hub app which is available for Xbox and PC.

In the Microsoft Store, you can find this new plan
In the Microsoft Store, you can find this new plan (XBOX/)

After downloading the application, you must enter the Microsoft Store and sign up for the “Xbox Game Pass – Insider Preview” plan that It will not have any cost but will take the place of the previous subscription. This means that if, for example, in Ultimate the user has 6 months of use remaining, that will be the time that they will now have access to for the new plan.

Regarding the guests, they must have a microsoft and if they already had an active Xbox subscription, they must cancel it to enter as beneficiaries of “Xbox Game Pass – Insider Preview”In addition, if at any time they wish to withdraw from the program, they will have to wait for it to expire, so they will not be able to do so immediately.

On the other hand, the price of this plan could apparently be more expensive than the existing subscriptions, since according to the terms and conditions of the new program offered in the Microsoft store, 18 days are equivalent to one month of the well-known “Game Pass Ultimate”.

Xbox CloudGaming.  (photo: Anmo Sugoi)
Xbox Game Pass is an alternative created to play in the cloud from Windows consoles and computers

In any case, there is still no official price already announced, and it is not known with certainty how long the trial period of this new subscription will last or which other countries it will reach.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that since it is a plan that until now is being tested within the Xbox Insider program, some problems may arise, the company has already reported that some users have experienced errors when accepting invitations or subscribing to the plan, but they are already working on a solution for these inconveniences.

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