XHDRBZ became a reality: Eugenio will have his own channel, Derbez Channel

With the premiere of ViXthe streaming platform of TelevisaUnivision, Eugenio Derbez It is one of the most important figures that will attract attention in the thousands of hours of content offered, since it will have its own channel, Derbez Channel.

It is about the consolidation of a project that perhaps we saw taking shape without realizing it, 20 years ago, on Televisa. It happened in the summer of 2002, when the program premiered XHDRBZ, which emulated a television network. At the start and end of the half hour show, he even said that Televisa gave up its signal to broadcast Derbez’s sketches.

That program came months after another historic decision made by Eugenio Derbez at a time when it was unthinkable to set foot on TV Azteca without consequences for Televisa. But on January 11, 2002, the actor arrived at the Ajusco television station to sit in the ‘Windowing’ with Pati Chapoy.

A long time ago, Derbez recalled: “At that time I was trying to make my career outside of Televisa, it was my first attempt to become independent. I remember that when I was at the door of TV Azteca, I received a call from a very high executive telling me that I would not outside, I told him I was at the door, I can’t do that to them, I can’t cancel it in the last hour. I was at the door of TV Azteca, they called me.

“After that, things settled down (with Televisa). It went well for me, I never wanted to antagonize anyone. I respect each company a lot and try to grow,” he said.

Shortly after, XHDRBZ began, on July 15, 2002, and ended until March 10, 2004. Each sketch was like an independent television program, and there he was able to show off dozens of characters that made history.

Now it’s a reality: Derbez Channel or Canal Derbez, It will be full of Eugenio’s content, in addition to other proposals that he himself will authorize. At the ViX presentation, it was reported that the platform will have “one of the most prolific and popular artists in Latin America, the iconic Eugenio Derbez, who will actively help us curate the channel.”

Derbez had already commented: “They offered me to have the ‘Derbez Channel.’ Fight ‘, also the programs that I did with the ‘sketch’ since 1994 with characters that I didn’t even remember I had done “.

“I will also be able to program content that is not mine. If I see something that I like about comedy from anywhere in the world, I can decide to include it, it goes with the Derbez label,” he clarified, in addition to not leaving his language film projects English.