Xiaomi presents noise reduction audio smart glasses

Users can use them as headphones to listen to music or make calls

Xiaomi has presented this Monday its new audio smart glasses, with which the user will not need to use headphones, but will be able to make calls or listen to music thanks to its integrated audio system with noise reduction.

This new device, which has been developed by the Mijia sub-brand and presented in the Chinese market, does not use any augmented reality technology like other models of smart glasses. However, the Mijia stand out for containing an audio system integrated into the frames that allows different functions to be carried out intelligently.

Specifically, the new Xiaomi Mijia Smart Audio incorporate dynamic 128mm speakers that are strategically located to direct the sound to the user’s ears. In addition, they use a noise reduction system, which reduces the environment.

They also make use of a system that prevents the sound from the speakers from reaching other people located near the user. In other words, it prevents audio leaks to the outside, ensuring that the user who is using the glasses is the only one who listens through them. Thus, it is intended to increase privacy and not disturb the people around with the sound.

Another aspect to highlight is that the Mijia are compatible with surround sound technology, according to Xiaomi and IT Home, with which a more immersive surround sound experience is achieved.

With all this, the company’s new glasses are intended to be a substitute for hearing aids and, thanks to their dual microphone, make it possible to carry out functions such as calls or send orders to compatible voice assistants through Mijia glasses, such as Xiaomi’s own assistant, Xiao AI, or Apple’s assistant, Siri, among others.