Yahir is still in “a nightmare” due to his son’s excesses, but he does not intend to accept it that way

After your son Tristan revealed that he is bisexual, the singer Yahir He accepted that the situation is complicated not because of his sexual orientation, but because of the young man’s relapse with drugs.

As if that were not enough, Tristán had his pornographic debut on his OnlyFans account, where he has explicit sex with his current boyfriend. So when the singer is asked about his son, he does not deny that he is having a very bad time:

“Living a nightmare. I am logically sad with a son with a disease of addiction, relapsed, after struggling for a long time. With a son who is in trouble again and wants nothing to do with anyone. “

“He wants us to accept him with everything and his addiction and the truth is, I can’t, I can’t have a child with an addiction with me; my son needs to be clean with me, because is a person who when not on drugs is another person when he is using “Yahir said to ‘Ventaneando’.

“I have no words to express my pain with all this, really.”

Yahir trusts his son to reconsider: “The last time I spoke with him was that he told me to accept all this, and I can’t. I can’t because of the values, I taught him other things, I always taught him love, to the family, I come from a family where we are all united and he does not want to be part of that world. ”

“The one who has to make the change is him. He is counting on us, but the one who has to take the step is him. Here I am. He is my treasure, my first child, my priority. ”

A few weeks ago, Yahir also spoke with the program ‘Hoy’, where he confessed: “The truth seems that I am living a nightmare, we have a long time in a war against addictions.”

“My son is in a very strong relapse after several rehab centers, and it is very sad to learn that this addiction problem is leading him to do such strong things, right?” He admitted.

“That he is bisexual to me does not bother me at all, what is the question of how he is exposed, right? That he has no filters, that he lets go of absolutely everything and asks me to be his accomplice on the issue of addiction and I can’t support him on that. ”

And it is that Yahir established: “Being with me requires effort, discipline, it requires being sober and working hard. That means being with me. He has all my love and support, he always has. But right now definitely with all this, what I see is that Tristan needs to work, he’s never had a job. ”