Yahir leaves the operation for a tumor in the paranasal sinuses

Without making it public Jahir He underwent an operation due to a tumor that was found in his paranasal sinuses.

The singer, who is going through a rough patch due to the problems he has with his son tristan and the car accident suffered by his relatives in Phoenix, Arizona, was admitted yesterday to the operating room.

When leaving the operation, Jahir He decided to publish a photograph in the hospital and tell what happened to him: “They just removed a benign tumor that formed years ago in my paranasal sinuses.”

The paranasal sinuses are air-filled spaces between the bones of the head, located in the area of ​​the nose.

In his message, the singer thanked his close circle of friends and family who wrote to him to wish him well from the operation, but also took the opportunity to inform fans of his health.

“I’m out of my operation… for all those who have been reported (what they knew about my condition) thank you for your messages! it’s over! Blessed God. And those who did not know. There you go. I had surgery with a great great doctor and everything went perfect. The operation was successful. So to continue giving can soon”.

Jahir has yet to join the 2000’s Pop Tour, in which he will appear on stage with Paty Cantú, Pee Wee, Fanny Lú, Kaudai, Playa Limbo, Motel, Bacilos Y Nikki Clan.