Yahritza tries to kiss a woman and is rejected in the act

The vocalist of Yahritza y Su Esencia, was left wanting to kiss a mysterious woman


Yahritza, a young 15-year-old singer, suffers the contempt of a woman after trying to kiss her on the cheek

The vocalist of Yahritza and Her Essence, continues to give something to talk about after the controversy he was involved in by stating that he does not like being and eating in Mexican territory. Now, the 15-year-old singer has gone viral for a video where He tries to kiss a woman and is rejected in the act.

Through TikTok the video, where it is seen that Yahritza is at a party and a girl turns her face away when trying to say goodbye to her with a kiss on the cheek. The ‘Frágil’ singer gets serious and does nothing but respect the woman’s decision.

Although it is unknown where and when this happened, the scene has generated endless comments from social media users and they have even defended the mysterious woman.


Let’s see how much they like gossip 🫢

♬ Muñekita – Kali Uchis & El Alfa & JT

Yahritza and Her Essence loses popularity

After stating that being in Mexico was complicated because the food was very spicy and they only ate Washington chickenYahritza and her two brothers have been the target of criticism.

Little by little they began to lose followers on their official social networks, although their career within the music industry and the Mexican region was on the rise.

They recently appeared in Monterrey and the young woman asked for forgiveness: “Today I came here, face to face, to ask for your forgiveness, The net was never our intention to offend anyone or disrespect anyone, the net it is a pride to be mexican, the net, why am I lying to you. My parents are Mexican, we have Mexican roots too, and we will always represent Mexican blood, yes or no? ”She expressed to applause from the audience.

@marielapo Yahritza and her essence apologize to Mexicans during the concert they offered in Monterrey, as the beginning of their tour through Mexico #yahritzaysuesencia #apologies #mexicanos #monterrey #apodacagroup ♬ original sound – Mariela Pocurull

This weekend, the group Yahritza and Her Essence has agreed to sing in the Arre Festivalwhich will take place at the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez, so we will have to wait to see the reaction of the Chilangos after the controversy of the Mexican-American brothers.

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