Yailin the most viral and Anuel announce the birth of their baby Cattleya

With a smile on his face, the singer pointed out that he already has his little Cattleya in his arms.

The stork was generous with Yailin and Anuel, who after a few weeks of courtship celebrated their wedding at the beginning of June 2022, in the Dominican Republic and then announced their breakup. Cattleya, her baby, has been born.

It was Anuel himself who confirmed the news to a journalist, during the celebration of the World Baseball Classic. “At any given time I used half of the Dominican Republic and half of Puerto Rico.

I am Puerto Rican and I have a Dominican daughter who was just born,” said the famous singer. So far the details of where and when little Cattleya was born are unknown, however, Yailin has already shown photos of the delivery room, where she and Anuel received her baby.

It is worth mentioning that Yailin and Anuel are currently separated due to differences they had during the time they were together.

The couple of interpreters of the urban genre denied the pregnancy rumors, and even La Más Viral threatened to sue those who contradicted their version. However, on November 21 it was confirmed that Yailin was expecting a baby from Anuel.

To make the news known, they organized a gender reveal party, in which they both dressed in white and jumped for joy when they found out that their baby would be a girl, whom the now mother began to affectionately call “my chubby”.