Yalitza Aparicio: 5 jobs that the actress did after achieving fame with Roma

Yalitza Aparicio is one of the actresses and activists dearest to our country. The movie “Roma” catapulted her to international fame and that helped Aparicio to become the spokesperson for many peoples and less favored sectors of the population.

Yes ok Yalitza Aparicio became famous thanks to the movie “Roma”, that did not mean that she stopped working as an actress, and has even starred in other projects that are worth seeing.

In what other projects did Yalitza Aparicio appear?

After “Roma”, Yalitza Aparicio starred in a short film called “Daughters of Witches” which had the address dand Faride Schroeder. “Clara returns to Mexico to present her newborn daughter. In an ancient ritual in the woods discovers her inevitable connection to her female lineage.” indicates its official synopsis. The short can be seen on YouTube.

Then he appeared in “Presences”, a mexican movie horror and suspense from the director Luis Mandoki. “Víctor returns to his childhood cabin to put it up for sale, But, after a grisly tragedy, he will have to face an evil force ”, indicates his official synopsis.

As for television, last year Yalitza Aparicio starred in one of the episodes from “Mujeres Asesinas”, which is available on VixPlus.

However, not everything has been television and cinema in the life of Yalitza, since the young woman balances her life too with their community work and with your work as a model. The young native ofe Oaxaca has walked the runway in the Dior Cruise 2024 collection, which took place inl Old College of San Ildefonso of the CDMX. There he wore a set of lace in black colorwhich belongs to the Dior spring-summer 2023 collection.

Also Yalitza Aparicio She has also dazzled as a driver in musical events like the Latin Grammys where he demonstrated his ease and sympathy when announcing presentations and award winners.