Yanet Garcia conquers her fans with a photo on Instagram

Yanet García continues to conquer his followers on Instagram and this image is the proof

Yanet García’s career has grown for several years, since she started modeling and of course, during her participation in the Hoy program.
However, although it is no longer so present in the world of television, the so-called “Weather Girl” continues with its strong presence on social networks.

The famous one who, a few weeks ago, showed off her attributes in a daring Halloween costume, prepares for the arrival of the holidays, and gives her fans images that raise the temperature in this season where the cold begins to be present.

It was through her official Instagram account that the famous shared some images in lingerie, this while she was enjoying a vacation in Yucatan.

The also actress went to enjoy a vacation in the south of the country, where the weather remains warm, and the temperature is ideal to spend a day in the pool.

The famous was filled with thousands of comments from fans, who did not hesitate to comment on how beautiful she looks, and how good the bikini suits her.

While Yanet enjoys her singleness walking through Yucatán, her ex-partner Lewis Howes is very happy on the arm of Martha Higareda, with whom she has been dating for several months, and they look very romantic.