Yeri Mua sets an important condition for Dani Flow to make a song together

The song by Yeri Mua and Dani Flow is one of the most anticipated of the moment, but what will happen?


Dani Flow It became involved in a new controversy, generating a strong cancellation by Internet users.

Over the weekend, the singer Mexican reggaetonbecame a trend after an interview by the ‘Charly Galleta’ podcast. In that interview, Dani Flowdefended Rixwho some time ago was convicted of the crime of sexual abuse against the influencer Nath Campos.

Likewise, the interpreter of “Reggaeton Champagne” discredited the influencer who was a victim of abuse. Furthermore, she threw hard criticism against women who go to feminist marches and that cause destruction.

“The girls who cling to feminism for their fucking madness; “Those girls need attention.”

These words caused outrage on the networks and quickly began a cancellation campaign against Dani Flow.

Yeri Mua conditions Dani Flow so that they can collaborate together

Hours later, Internet users also tried cancel Yeri Muaknown as the ‘Bratz jarocha’. The reason? the relationship he has with the Mexican reggaeton artist. However, the influencer did not take long to come out to defend herself and set limits, because she did not think it was fair that they were canceling her for the simple fact of sharing professional moments with Dani Flow.

Yeri Mua.png

Yeri Mua asked them to stop “cancelling” her and attacking her.


Yeri Mua He also took the opportunity to make it clear that if Dani Flow He does not offer a public apology for the comments he made, she does not plan to collaborate with him on the long-awaited song they had planned.

“Here I will make it clear: ‘If I do not see a sincere apology for the statements against the woman, the song will never come out nor will there be any participation. The question here is, ‘why do they work for me?’” she wrote.

For its part, Dani Flow He went live and spoke about the controversy, but he remained firm in his position and said he was Rix’s friend and from what he understands he is not an abuser, although he said he is not against the feminist movement, but against those who hang on to this to cause destruction or affect men.

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Yeri Mua sets an important condition for Dani Flow to make a song together

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