Yes or yes there will be a Luis Miguel concert in Lastras, Governor assures

  • I discard any speculation that even indicated the suspension of the massive event.

There will be a concert by the singer Luis Miguel in San Luis Potosí, as scheduled for this coming December 4th, assured the governor of the State Ricardo Gallardo Cardona, discarding any conjecture that even indicated the suspension of the massive event, as he indicated that the event would be developing at the Alfonso Lastras stadium as originally scheduled.

In this sense, he mentioned that although the use of the Stadium space would have to be coordinated, he mentioned that at the moment no search or Scouting is being done to change the location of the concert, despite the league games that the team could be playing. San Luis Athletic team.

Likewise, the president announced that it will be this coming Monday when the start of what he called, “the Christmas Village” will take place in the Historic Center of San Luis Potosí, for which he said that it is planned to erect a Christmas tree 30 meters high in the Plaza de los Fundadores, as well as the placement of an ice rink.

He also confirmed that at the facilities of the Potosina National Fair (FENAPO) there will also be a Christmas Village with an alternate agenda of activities for the whole family. In total, there will be two monumental Christmas trees that will be installed in the capital of Potosí.

Gallardo Cardona clarified that, “There are two (trees), it is one of 30 meters that is going to be installed in Fundadores to complete the Christmas villages. The one at the fair is already installed; From the base it had already been left with cement, it is installed at the fair because there will be more activities at the fair,” he concluded.