YG founder reveals what will happen to BabyMonster in 2024

  • Find out what will happen to YG Entertainment’s girl band BABYMONSTER this year after their incredible debut in November 2023

Much has been said about BABYMONSTER due to the departure of its member Ahyeon, being the replacement for BLACKPINK and its dazzling debut in November 2023. But since that no relevant news had been heard about the YG Entertainment girl band.

This has just changed, since the founder of YG named Yang Hyun Suk has just given more information about what will happen with BABYMONSTER this 2024 in a new video.

What the founder and producer of YG Entertainment revealed is that the girl band BABYMONSTER is preparing the release of their first mini album that will be released in 2024. They will also create a new single called ‘Stuck in the Middle’ that will arrive on February 1 of 2024.

Likewise, YG’s Yang Hyun Suk reveals something that all fans of the girl band wanted to know, if the idol Ahyeon will finally rejoin BABYMONSTER, since she left before the debut due to health problems.

Unfortunately, this was a refusal on the part of the producer, as he reports that the singer continues to recover and will not join the girl band in 2024, although he does not rule out doing so later.