Yoga takes Maluma out of the emotional crisis

It is considered “The Yogi of Celebrities“Because she has visited the home of the most famous artists and singers to give them yoga and meditation classes. She is Yudy Arias. He has been teaching the ancient practice of India for 12 years, and one of his first students was his own nephew, the urban singer Maluma, who thanks to her now has as a ritual before going out to sing on any stage in the world to do meditations or yoga. The Colombian, based in Miami, visited Mexico, where she has already made three retreats in Cancun, Tulum and Isla Mujeres. “I am opening a new path,” he tells TVyNovelas.

Did yoga save you from a depression? Yes; When my first son, Romeo, was born 12 years ago, I began to feel very strange, I saw everything dark. It was strange because I was very different, I was a very active person, an athlete, happy and I was different. When I went to the psychiatrist, he told me that I had depression, and I couldn’t believe it, because I am a very healthy person. The doctor gave me two options: take medicine or do yoga with meditation.

Didn’t you want to medicate yourself? No, totally zero. I believe in doctors, in science, if there is a disease you have to take medication, but the least possible that I can take medication is better for me.

Did you prefer to do yoga then? Yes; I had done meditation before, I was an expert, but not yoga. I loved it, and in a month I was someone else, the depression was gone.

What motivated you to dedicate yourself to being a yoga teacher? I did not want to be a teacher, I wanted to become certified as a yoga master but to have knowledge for myself, I did not see it as a life project. After I certified with an instructor from the United States who traveled to Medellín, I began to give classes to my friends and family, including my nephew Juan Luis (Maluma), and it has already been 12 years of professional career.

You are considered “The Yogi of Celebrities” … Who have you taught? I do not do it for ego, I like to be the teacher of all people. But yes, I have had the fortune to teach artists like J Balvin, Juanes, Luis Fonsi, Shannon de Lima, Marc Anthony and Thalía, whom I love with madness. Is Maluma a good student? Much! He is a crack, he practices Power Vinyasa and I taught him, he does all the positions well, and now he practices it in his dressing room on the tours he does.

How are you aunt with him? I am a very cordial aunt, a partner. I am not jealous at all.

Why didn’t you continue being Maluma’s manager? I am his “tiánager”, I will never cut relations with him. You have to understand the moments and that there are people who reach the point that they need more equipment and fly more.

Do you think yoga has helped him? Meditation and yoga have helped him through difficult times in his popularity; he never goes to extremes and knows how to differentiate everything in his career.

Has a girlfriend introduced you? Present as “hello nice to meet you”? Yes! I’ve seen him hang out with girls, but he’s very easy going.

Does the criticism you get for posing scantily bothered you? Let’s see, the one who can, can, and the one who can’t, criticizes. The one who likes it, fine, and the one who doesn’t like it, don’t follow me on social media. I am young and pretty.