Yolanda Andrade challenges Pati Chapoy to talk about Sergio Andrade and Gloria Trevi

Yolanda Andrade already has Pati Chapoy included in the list of people who have publicly attacked her, but beyond getting angry, she challenges her on a lurid topic that the journalist almost never talks about: Gloria Trevi.

When talking about whether she felt attacked, in an interview with Vanessa Arias for the “Sit whoever can” program, she recalled: “We have a great cast. We have Pati Chapoy… The other day she said that Julio (César Chávez) He had lent me money… Julio answered him in a flash, Montse (Oliver) also answered him because he messed up “.

“It seemed to me that it was a comment from that lady, who has thrown several lately, out of place”. It was then that Yolanda Andrade reminded Pati Chapoy of one of the facts that she most relates to her, because for years she broadcast programs about the Trevi-Andrade case.

Yolanda challenged her: “Why doesn’t the Sergio Andrade case, the Gloria Trevi case, count?”

And it is necessary to remember that after a decade, the singer’s lawsuit against the journalist is still pending in a United States court, in which La Trevi demands millionaire compensation for moral damages. Little or nothing has been said about this topic in ‘Ventaneando’

For her part, Gloria Trevi has said, in a short TikTok video, that neither TV Azteca nor Pati Chapoy have wanted to show their faces before the Texas court, where she sued them in 2009.

Yolanda had already called Pati Chapoy a LIAR.

“Don’t lie to people. I challenge you to the evidence, liar,” was Yolanda Andrade’s response a few weeks ago, when she shared a fragment of “Ventaneando” where they talked about her and that “she extended her hand asking Julio César for money Chavez”.

For his part, Julio César also replied: “My dear Patty, your source of information is wrong since neither Yolanda nor Monse ever asked me for money, and also with my dear Pablo Montero they are leaving me in a bad way and grab another hahaha greetings.”

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