Yolanda Andrade worries about video recovering from aneurysm

The host Yolanda Andrade worried her fans after a video where she receives medical treatment and looks deteriorated.

Yolanda Andrade still has not recovered from the health problems that made her stay away from television for several weeks.

It was last April when the driver was hospitalized after suffering heavy bleeding from the aneurysm who has suffered for seven years.

Although he returned to the ‘Montse & Joe’ show, remains under medical supervision so as not to have more problems.

Now, Andrade caused concern among her followers when she was captured while rreceived a dose of treatment for your abdomen.

Thank you all family for your love. May the health that we already are be manifested in each one of us”, andwrote Marilé, Yolanda’s sister, in the video you shared.

In the images Yolanda is seen thinner and with a deteriorated countenance. He even appears without the sunglasses with which he has been seen lately, so the delicate state of one of his eyes could be observed.

‘Worthy in every way’ / ‘God bless you and take care‘ / ‘The disease is running out’ / ‘Yolanda, you’re going to make it, you’re great’ / ‘I admire you’ / ‘It fills our souls with sadness’, some fans wrote.