Yordi Rosado confesses why he distanced himself from Adal Ramones

Adela Micha recently interviewed Yordi Rosado and various statements from the driver emerged: “we are no longer best friends.”

Adela Micha recently interviewed Yordi Rosado and various statements by the driver regarding his private and professional life emerged. Of the latter, she spoke about his role in the Otro Rollo program.

The television program Otro Rollo was broadcast for 12 years through Televisa and during this time Adal Ramones and Yordi Rosado maintained a close friendship, however, it was when the project ended that they distanced themselves from each other.

Yordi Rosado confessed to Adela Micha that there were never any issues of envy between Ramones and him, for which he ruled out that said distance was due to issues of this type.

“I never had half envy, I never said: I want to do the monologue. Many people think ‘it is that Yordi was the brain of the program’, but the truth is that it is not true, there were three of us, equally”, she said.

He specified that their friendship was so close that even Adal Ramones gave his opinion more than once about Yordi Rosado’s sentimental relationship.

“Adal always loved me as his brother and he took great care of me, but unfortunately in that care he got into my relationship perhaps more than he had to. He was always in there, many times I listened to him, but when he starts to separate, I, being his best friend, don’t find out ”.

Yordi confessed that the bond was considerably damaged for them to move away and just as they came to consider themselves best friends, they were no more than acquaintances who maintained a cordial relationship.

“It was fractured enough that we no longer have the friendship that we had. We’re not best friends anymore. If we love each other, we see each other very little, almost not at all.

Finally Yordi showed his gratitude to Adal because he attributes that thanks to him he has a space in the box and he said that he did express his annoyance.