Yordi Rosado defends his friend Martha Higareda from criticism: “I swear that she does tell the truth”

Martha Higareda and his various statements that for many are an exaggeration or a lie, They have given a lot to talk about on the networks in recent weeks, The actress’s anecdotes have generated memes and jokes, however, there is someone who does believe him: Yordi Rosado.

The 51-year-old driver, whom Higareda he has told her many of the stories that people question, he worked with the protagonist of “Amarte Duele” in the program “De Todo Un Mucho”, and defended it from attacks and versions who mark her as a mythomaniac.

Higareda has said, among other stories, who turned down an offer to be in a movie along with “Twilight” star Robert Pattinson, because she was already committed to record “No manches Frida” with Omar Chaparro, that Ryan Gosling saved her from a fall, who started talking since he was four months oldthat he actor jared leto he tried to pick her up and she rejected him and that his grandfather saw a dead alien.

Her statements have kept her trending, and apparently he does not care that many do not believe him, he said this in response to criticism: «I have the freedom to tell my anecdotes and share them, as people have the freedom to believe them or not. I think the best thing one can do it’s laughing at yourself,” he said.

Yordi defends Higareda and explains the reason

In the program «Members on the air», of which it is a part Yordi Rosado, they made fun of Martha Higareda when questioning anecdotes that he has told and for which many they have accused her of being a “liar”, so Yordi did not remain silent and defended her friend, explained that there is nothing strange if one takes into account who has lived two decades in Hollywood, where many famous people live that he mentions in his stories.

“The thing about Martha Higareda, I swear that she does tell the truth, seriously, is that they grabbed 20 years of anecdotes, many recordings, we did two weird stuff shows that have happened to us with artists. She lives in Hollywood for 20 years; have all been confirmed (the declarations of Higareda), apart from supernatural things”, he argued.

Rosado commented that in Los Angeles it is common to run into celebrities in the clubs or fashionable places, in addition to the fact that Higareda has had several romances with filmmakers or people in the middle who are famous and important in the United States, so their anecdotes are real, said the driver when questioned of his classmates.

“Clear, clear, clear, the reality is that Ryan Gosling did save her, because when we go to Los Angeles, you go to the clubs, to the hot spotsthere are all those guys, they come out the same as the clubs, there is much more respect than here; his last three relationshipsincluding her ex-husband, have been producers, super important directors of Hollywood, it is the medium where it is raffled ”, he reiterated.

Yordi added that added to the above, the actress claims to have the gift or quality of seeing supernatural things: “She sees paranormal things together with his sister and people from his house; net I do believe my friend everything ”.