Yordi Rosado is criticized for having Livia Brito as a guest in ‘The Interview’

Internet users attacked the actress Brito and advised Yordi to bring along artists with a career, in addition to regretting that he offered the microphones to Livia

Livia Brito is one of the actresses who, due to some scandals, has earned criticism from the public and a clear example of this is that this Sunday, various users refused to see “The interview with Yordi Rosado” because the actress was a guest .

As every Sunday, Yordi Rosado premiered another program of interviews that he conducts with personalities from the media with whom he seeks for the public to learn more about the person behind the artist. Among his guests have been personalities from Mexican entertainment such as Andrea Legarreta, Adal Ramones, Lupillo Rivera and Eugenio Derbez to name a few, even some internet figures such as Luisito Comunica, Berth Oh and La Cotorrisa to name a few.

And although the driver with the passing of the interviews has earned the trust and affection of his followers, the reality is that there are some guests who are not liked by his more than 3.36 million subscribers, such is the case of the Cuban Livia Brito.

The actress of Cuban origin who has starred in soap operas such as “La desalmada” and “La Piloto”, this Sunday opened up to the host and recounted different passages of her life, such as her difficult childhood in Havana, her first months in Mexico and even the abuse and violence she suffered in her relationship with Danny Frank. Livia Brito was vulnerable in this interview, she even cried at times, but it was not enough to have the affection of the public, because in the comments of the video some people expressed their annoyance at the interview with the actress.

“I do miss this interview”, “I just came to say hello and say that I prefer to see the interview next week. Let’s not promote people who beat them”, “I love your program, I know that colors were made for tastes and today I really didn’t want to listen to this interview.”

This stems from some Livia Brito scandals in the past, such as the time she hit a paparazzi on the beaches of Cancun or when she assured after a trial that she would no longer speak to the media, since they only profit from her image.