Yordi Rosado shares with us how his return to open TV has been

Yordi Rosado returned to open TV in the continuation of a long and not easy path: “I am reaping things that I sowed for many years; many people tell me not to work so much anymore, but I do it to reach certain moments, and this is one of them, ”he says, referring to his new Bingo Blitz program.

“In life you strive to achieve something, and when the opportunity arises, you have to take it, because in this medium you never know when you can be on many screens, because there are moments when you are not on any. Right now I am in three different ones: Televisa, Image Television and of course in Youtube, where the interviews go amazing. I’m not leaving anything, I’m still doing everything simultaneously.


something you have learned Yordi Rosado also in 30 years of career it is to take time to enjoy their children; in fact, whoever hires him knows that he does not work on weekends: “Every year I go on a 20-day trip with my children; I always work very hard to dedicate my weekends one hundred percent to them, and to vacations. Soon we are going on a cruise around Europe, very cool. Many people comment on my networks: ‘You live it on a trip!’, and yes, but it is my way of relaxing. My mechanics is to work very hard to be calm the time I spend with my children.


“The cost is high, but the benefit is fantastic”

Having so many projects on the air and having the acceptance of the public are things he is grateful for, and although the successes do not stop, he takes care not to take his feet off the ground: “What allows me to achieve this is knowing that not all seasons are like this, and that not every time the world wants you as a driver. It has always been working, sometimes with the opportunity to have three or four projects, like right now, and sometimes not having any and inventing something to have a job. I am celebrating 30 years in the middle, and I am fortunate to have gone through difficult times; when this happens, you know that you have to take advantage of and enjoy the good moments, but never abuse them”.

The last:

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Yordi Rosado shares with us how his return to open TV has been

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And it is that not everything is benevolent in his life; Having such a workload sometimes takes its toll: “The cost is the hours of life invested, having to do several things simultaneously, the stress, everything that comes from having to sleep less to get to the call earlier. The cost is high, but in the end one has spent so many years working to harvest. I have had the opportunity to have great moments, like Another Roll; my books, which were a success and madness; It’s hot, and now the YouTube interviews that have been amazing. Maybe now it’s a new stage of game shows. The idea is to leave others behind to do new things. The cost is high, but the benefit is fantastic.”


“In this new challenge I suffer if they don’t win”

This new project takes him out of his comfort zone and imposes new challenges on him: “I have always said that the best program you can have as a host is one of contests or where you can give someone a gift. Although you are not the giver of the gift, you are the conduit; I get emotional with them because they talk to me about what they are going to do with the money, and there are very important reasons such as health and very normal things, there are those who have told me that they want to take their children to Europe because they have never traveled; another person told me that they have an addiction rehabilitation center and need 40 mattresses; another one who became independent a year ago and wants to buy furniture for his house. All the reasons are very nice because people take the prize and have a real reason; Being in the position to help them fills me with satisfaction and I also suffer if they don’t win. This is a challenge for me, you have to be very attentive to everything”.