YosStop gave her boyfriend an emotional gift for his birthday

The couple have been together for several years (Photo: Instagram / @ justyoss)

Yosstop continues to spend her days in the Santa Martha Acatitla penitentiary, where she has remained for the last four months since she was apprehended at her home in the Narvarte neighborhood, in Mexico City, for the accusations against him for crimes against minors, specifically by possession of sensitive content that harms Ainara Suárez, who legally denounced her for it.

The media case even drew the attention of the head of government Claudia Sheinbaum, who when Yosstop was arrested met with the mother of the influencer At the request of the lady, who considered the apprehension of her famous daughter, who has more than six million followers on her social networks, an injustice.

Of his life in prison, where he will have to continue until the authorities continue to consider the case, the youtuber has shared some messages with his followers, To those who through her Instagram account she has shown what she does inside the prison: she has read reflection books that have helped her in these difficult moments and has lived with the inmates knowing other life stories.

Yosstop has been detained for four months (Photo: Instagram / @ justyoss)

Yosseline ” N ” has also revealed that she now values ​​life differently, so I would no longer be willing to get hooked on frivolous affairs. In his penitentiary process, his family has been watching: his brother Rayito, her mother, and her boyfriend, he too vlogger Gerardo González.

The person in charge of managing the social networks of the content creator, with whom she has a long-lasting relationship., recently celebrated her 36th birthday and received an unexpected gift from her.

Although they cannot be physically close without limitations, the influenceHe appreciated the message that his girlfriend sent him and that, in turn, he was in charge of spreading it on the official Yoss account.

YosSop - Gerardo González
The influencer’s boyfriend has been in charge of actively managing her official account (Photo: Instagram / @ justyoss)

However, the musician also stressed that He doesn’t like to celebrate their birthdays, so he was reluctant to share the message with Yosseline’s fans. with which he congratulated him and did not want to make a publication about it; However, it was Ginny Hoffman’s sister who convinced him to talk about it and share with his followers the message he sent you.

“I have never liked to celebrate my birthdays very much and this obviously would not be the exception, in fact, I had told Yoss not to do this publication, but I received a gift that made me feel that he is always with me, ”Gerardo began.

The vlogger She said very happy to be able to maintain a relationship with such a special person whom she loves and loves very much, because she has known him for 20 years.

“Today is the birthday of the love of my life and unfortunately I cannot be with him. I met him at 13 and I never imagined that almost 20 years later he would be in one of the most important moments in my life by my side. Although I cannot be with him physically today, I am so in my heart and in my thoughts, ”wrote Yoss N.

Yosstop Gerardo González
The vlogger surprised her boyfriend with an emotional message (Photo: Instagram / @ justyoss)

Today I celebrate that 36 years ago the man I have loved the most in my life was born, today I appreciate your existence, today I thank having met you, today I appreciate all the moments by your side, today I value them more than all the gold or money in the world ”, he added.

“Gerito, I love you and although it is not a happy or fun birthday, it is a birthday full of love, soon I will celebrate you by staying by your side all the time without anything or anyone being able to separate us. I love you infinitely, because my love for you has no limits and every day it grows more ”, Yoss N.